Did you know that out of the people who go camping today, 85% went camping for the first time before they turned 15? Getting into the hobby at a young age builds experience and confidence in one’ability to camp. When you are confident about something, you will enjoy it more. That’s why family camping experiences are important. If you are interested in giving your children an experience they will never forget, take them to one of the beautiful campgrounds in Indiana. Here are a few important life lessons and skills they will learn from this experience.

  1. Fishing
    Bring a couple of poles, a tackle box, a boat, patience, and bandages, and get out on a lake with your children. Learning how to fish does not just instruct in the art of fish catching, it also teaches us about patience, pride, storytelling, fairness, and the value of silent togetherness.
  2. Building A Fire
    This might be nerve-wracking for parents. Letting your children play with fire is page one of Dont’s Of Parenting, but under your supervision, and after taking safety precautions, it is a worthwhile skill to teach. Starting a fire isn’t just useful for camping, it’s useful for developing other life skills as well. Resilience in the face of failure, preparation, and meticulousness are all lessons to learn from the fire starting process.
  3. Conquering Fear
    When it’s dark and things go bump in the night young children often get scared, and rightly so. Family camping can help to uncover some fears especially in the confines of a great family campground.  True value is found when your child uncovers some of their fears, or faces them head on!

When you plan your very first family camping trip, be prepared to teach your children more than you thought you knew in the first place. Also prepare to learn more than you ever expected. Finally, don’t forget to have fun, relax, and take a deep soul cleansing breath of that special fresh air found only in camping.