Camping combines collaboration with independence in a great way. You can overcome so much as an individual while camping with friends. Each camper struggles with different things independently, yet when together as a group, you all grow not just as individuals, but as a collective. If you’re looking for the best campsites Indiana has to offer, you should know a bit about the experiences you will have. Here are some some fun camping challenges and how having friends and family with you can help.

  1. Building A Fire
    Of course, any experienced camper is going to have an easy time starting a fire by themselves. But what about gathering the wood? The kindling? And who’s going to prepare the food to cook over the fire? Building a fire successfully will give you a sense of accomplishment. When you do it with friends or family, it will bring you closer together as a team.
  2. Pitching A Tent
    Even experienced tent builders know that it’s difficult (bordering on impossible) to pitch most tents alone. You will feel pride for the team for accomplishing such a frustrating goal, and for yourself for being a part of that accomplishment.
  3. Launching A Boat
    If you bring a boat along to go fishing together, you’ll need at least two people to get it in the water. One person needs to be on the shore to ensure a safe launch while another is in the car backing the boat in. Ideally, a third person would be in the boat to drive it away.
  4. Catching A Fish
    Catching fish is largely an independent activity. You can do it alone, it feels solitary, and it is easy enough. Until a whopper comes around. When you feel the sudden whack of a huge pike and your pole pulls your whole body to the bow of the boat, you’re going to want a buddy around. Helping a friend or relative net a massive fish is special and a beautiful moment.
  5. Making A Memory
    Making a memory just for yourself certainly reaffirms your independence. Making memories with people you care about? Those are the ones you’ll never forget.

If you want to experience the beautiful campsites Indiana is famous for, bring your friends. On average, campers stay for 14.9 days!