Just because you’re no longer a kid doesn’t mean your summer camping adventures need to end. In fact, 70% of campers 18 and older have reported going on camping trips with their friends. But how can you be sure to plan the ultimate camping trip with your friends now that you can be in charge of what activities you do?

The following tips will ensure that your first camping trip away from home with your friends will be your greatest adventure.

Bring necessities

Your parents aren’t going to be there with the basic camp necessities when you go camping with your friends. That means you have to supply them. Be sure before you leave the house, make sure you bring some of your favorite “comforts” of home. Your favorite pillow, and some of your favorite snacks may hep make the trip even better!

Make food plans ahead of time

Don’t assume what your friends will eat and bring several packs of hot dogs, eggs, and bacon. Talk to your friends ahead of time to see what their favorite snacks are and what they would like to eat on the camping trip during more communal meals. Take into consideration anyone’s food allergies or diets.

Have multiple options

Not everyone enjoys doing the same things. One of your friends may love water rafting but may hate hiking. Another friend may love bird watching but may hate playing cards. Be sure your friends know they don’t need to be around each other the entire trip. Jellystone Parks have many different activities at your fingertips, so luckily this will not be a problem.

Make your ultimate camping trip the ultimate camping trip

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t revisit the same family fun you had camping when you were younger. Jellystone Park Camp-Resort offers a myriad of activities for you and your friends with all the comforts of a vacation including cabin rentals. RV parks and cabin rentals have more accommodations than your average hotel room and you won’t have to worry about pitching your tent correctly or whether it’ll hold up in the rain and wind. Additionally, cabin rentals allow you to use a full bathroom with a toilet and shower.

Jellystone Parks™ offer a ton of events and activities to keep you and your friends entertained and cool during the summer heat. You can be sure to enjoy our water features and splash park to stay cool and refreshed.

Have fun

Finally, don’t take your camping trip too seriously! Camping is about fun in the great outdoors. Stay active with your friends and have fun playing! Tell stories, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Camping is, after all, a means of spending times with the ones you care about.