Camping is a wonderful part of the American childhood. Of those Americans who currently camp, 85% report having camped for the first time before they turned 15. Therefore, as a parent, it’s your duty to make sure that your child has as much fun as possible during their first camping trip.

However, what children have that adults don’t is a limitless amount of energy. How can you be sure that your child is having a great time camping if you can’t quite keep up with hours of games and hiking? The solution is simple: use camping as an opportunity to teach your child about the environment. It’s more fun than you’d think.

Teaching Your Child To Have Fun With Nature

Odds are your child already knows how to play tag in the grass and has picked up a stick or two to pretend to sword-fight. But do they know what kinds of trees those sticks came from?

One way to keep your child entertained while camping is by teaching them about the trees. By going down the hiking trails or even around the campsites, you can show them the different kinds of trees. Use the leaves on the ground to help show their diversity. Point out the visual and textural differences. Then make a game out of it: which tree does this leaf belong to?

Another way to keep your child entertained during camping is by taking them fishing. Fishing is a great way to teach your child about conservation and how catch-release fishing not only helps keep the ecosystem healthy, but also saves fish for other families to enjoy.

Finally, when the sun has gone down and it’s time to put away the fishing rods, you can help your child learn the constellations. Teach them some of the stories behind each star cluster to add a little bit of magic to the night sky.

Camping is one of America’s greatest pastimes and is certainly a childhood favorite. To ensure that your child has a great time camping, keep both their bodies and their minds active by teaching them about the environment around them.

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