Camping is a wonderful activity that many people can enjoy, young and old.  The fresh air, being close to to nature, and togetherness with family and friends can make a relaxing and heartfelt vacation. Perhaps this is why 99% of campers claimed that they were likely or very likely to visit campgrounds again next year. If you are about to go camping for your first time, consider these skill-building and enjoyable camping activities as a fun part of your outdoor adventure.

This is one of the most thrilling ways to get around on the water. You will learn coordination, how to move around in the water, and gain confidence in your ability to paddle on a lake.

Roasting Marshmallows
Whether with family or friends, roasting marshmallows is a social skill as well as a favorite treat. Roasting the perfect golden brown confectionary delight while reminiscing about old times is both cathartic and joyous.

This is a life skill everyone should have. Swimming is an essential survival skill, as well as great exercise.

Skipping Stones
There is nothing that strikes such a contemplative mood as skipping stones off the shore. If you need some time to think about life, this is the perfect activity for you.

Topwater Fishing
Some of the trickiest techniques for catching fish involve topwater lures. You can’t simply wait to feel the fish strike, but you must watch vigilantly, and wait for the right moment to set the hook.

Tie your hammock around two trees and grab your favorite book. Get lost in the lovely world of literature while surrounded by a land that looks like it was plucked from fiction.

Whenever people go camping together, they almost always enjoy the time they spent. This is due to the engaging force of nature and the loving company that is with them. Travel to some of America’s best campgrounds to experience the beauty of the natural world for yourself.