Camping is a great way to be one with nature. Of those who have gone camping in the past, 99% said they were likely or very likely to go camping again the next year. The reason why is understandable. Camping offers ways to have fun with friends and family outside of a traditional city center.

Instead of going to see a movie or going to the mall, campers can go fishing and play outdoor games. They can explore the wilderness and learn about wildlife they wouldn’t see downtown. Most importantly, you spend quality time with the people you love and entertain each other rather than being distracted by technology. But it isn’t just the fun of it that gets campers excited for a night under the stars: camping also comes with some pretty good health benefits!

Fresh air

While getting fresh air may be a figure of speech for going outside, camping really does provide your lungs with fresh oxygen you wouldn’t be able to find in the city. This is because while you’re camping, you’re surrounded by trees and plants that release oxygen into the air while undergoing photosynthesis. You’re also further away from common pollution such as car exhaust and fertilizers from gardens outside of buildings.

Reset your sleep cycle

Artificial lights and the Internet can easily keep us awake because as long as we can see, we can stay focused on our work and entertainment. Being away from the indoors and thus indoor artificial lighting means that your body is once again forced to rely on the Circadian Rhythm which lets us know when we should sleep and when we should wake up. Your day once again begins with the rise of the sun and your activities end with its setting. This allows you not only to reset your sleep cycle, but also helps your body get the full eight hours of sleep it requires.


Whether we’re working or at school, people are often indoors which cuts them off from the sun and leaves them feeling tired. This is because sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and if you’re not outside often enough you could be deficient. Therefore, camping not only provides you with quality time with your friends and family, it also provides you with well-needed quality time with the sun.


While health trends have gotten people moving again, Americans are still not getting quite as much exercise as we need to. This is because, as a culture, we’re very preoccupied with our work life, which may involve a lot of sitting down and very little movement. And, when retiring home, most of us are too tired to exercise.

Camping gets us away from that lifestyle at least for a little bit and forces us to exercise with games, crafts, and other activities. And unlike gyms (unless you enjoy working out), the exercise you get while camping is entertaining and comes in a variety of forms such as tag, hiking, or fishing.

Camping is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Not only is it fun, but it also helps with your health. And, for those who prefer campsites and cabins to the traditional tent, Jellystone Park Camp Resort is an awesome campsite that not only provides you with amenities such as central air, coffee makers, and a full sized bathroom, but also group entertainment for the kids in a home-away-from-home atmosphere.