Summer may be behind us, but the camping season certainly isn’t. Up to 49% of campers say they camp to spend more time with their friends and family. Autumn is one of the best times of the year to go hiking and enjoy the warmth of a good, old-fashioned campfire while surrounded by the people you love.

It’s true that summer is often the most popular time to go camping. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only time to go camping. If you don’t see the appeal of pitching your tent or RVing over fallen leaves, then below are just some of the reasons why camping in autumn can be an incredible experience.

  1. Comfortable temperature. Autumn weather is great for RV camping because the cool air keeps you comfortable during your favorite camping activities. Whether you’re playing a game of flashlight tag or enjoying a s’more, the slight chill in the air can feel far more cozy in comparison to the hot humidity of summer.
  2. Less bugs. Insects will always call the great outdoors their home. But in the colder weather, bugs are less likely to buzz around your campsite and nag you as you eat.
  3. Beautiful scenery. Camping is one of the best times to observe the world around you and to take in the beauty of the great outdoors. Autumn, in particular, is one of the most picturesque seasons with saturated seasonal colors decorating trees far and wide.
  4. Better sleep. Sleep studies have proven that people often get better sleep when snuggled up to others be they a dog, cat, or human companion. Laying next to friends and family in one big snuggle-fest to stay comfortably warm will give you better sleep during your camping trip.
  5. Fun activities. Many campers are familiar with summer camping activities. But when you camp in the fall, you get a chance to spice things up a little. Instead of trying to keep cool in the hot sun, friends and families can run around, go apple picking, go fishing, or carve pumpkins.
  6. Less busy campsites. Camping is a great way to meet new people, but for those who don’t often like crowds, busy campgrounds may be intimidating. During the fall, campsites aren’t as busy as they are in the summer, giving you the perfect opportunity to make new friends while also giving you space.

Whether RV sites, cabin rentals, or campsites are your thing, camping can be a wonderful experience for the entire family. Don’t let yourself think it’s only an activity for the summer. Take your family and friends on an autumn camping trip today.